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A 15 year old girl in South Sudan is more likely to die during childbirth than finish school

The dire healthcare situation in South Sudan is largely due to a lack of health workers: there are fewer than 200 doctors for a population of 9 million (that’s 1 per 45,000!).

How will this project solve this problem?
The National Institute of Health Sciences, Jonglei (NIHSJ) was started to train South Sudanese students to become clinical officers, nurses and midwives. The Institute began in June 2014, and has, remarkably, retained all 51 students who enrolled (including the first female clinical officer from South Sudan!). Courses are 3 years long and are taught by world-class doctors from the ICMDA.

Potential Long Term Impact
One health worker could work in a clinic which treats 4,000 patients a month. This project will enable thousands more mothers access to life-saving healthcare during childbirth. It will also give hundreds of children access to treatments for easily preventable diseases, such as malaria, which lead to 1 in 7 children dying before they are 5. The project also gives young men and women who have grown up in civil war, the opportunity of a high quality, further education.

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