About us

“The founding members, compelled by their faith in Jesus Christ and their desire to serve HIM will seek to serve the poor and marginalized people of the nation of South Sudan and its neighboring countries in Africa”

NIHSJ Constitution, 2014

The National Institute of Health Sciences, Jonglei (NIHSJ) is a local initiative of the international organisation, ICMDA .

NIHSJ has been established to impact the overall wellbeing of South Sudan’s most valuable resource: its people.

After assessing the need and analyzing the gaps in South Sudan’s healthcare provision, the ICMDA recognized that the long-term regeneration of the country depended on two things:

  • Promoting health and
  • Build capacity in healthcare systems and communities

The National Institute of Health Sciences Jonglei has been established to address these needs.

Frequently asked questions

What courses do you run?
We run courses to train Midwives, Clinical Officers and Nurses

Where are you based?
NIHSJ is temporarily based in Kampala, Uganda where Mengo Hospital hosts us.
We have plans to relocate and establish the institute in South Sudan when funds become available to build infrastructure.

How can we help?
Our needs are varied. As an institute we need volunteer trainers in a range of medical subjects. We also need funds for infrastructure. Please contact us if you can help in either of these.

Are you planning to expand what you offer?
As many of our students come with very poor schooling. They need pre-clinical training. We are working on a modular syllabus for this. However we need trainers to deliver it.

Who funds you?
We are funded by Anglican International Development for our current offerings. If you are interested in giving financially, please contact us.

Do the students pay?
All our courses are free to the students. We find that our students are highly motivated to serve the nation of South Sudan. Due to the harsh circumstances they come from, we want to ensure that finances are never a roadblock to achieving their dreams of building-up their nation.

Meet John, a Clinical Officer trained by NIHSJ

This is the story of John Deng Mayom Jok…

“I was always a good student from the time I was in primary school. As I didn’t have a father, my uncle who looked after us recognized that I was good in academics and sent me to school instead of the cattle camp*. But during my secondary education the school where I was studying closed down. I went back home and started going to the cattle camp with my brothers.

My uncle saw me there and was upset he told my mother that I should be going to Kenya for further education. He made arrangements for my admission in Kenya. But I had to find my own transport.

A supply convoy usually came from Kenya to our village about once a year. I decided to take that truck and travel to Kenya to study. But I kept missing the truck. I would be in the cattle camp when the convoy came and by the time I got information about it and rushed home it was too late. I missed it 4 years continuously! Finally on the fourth year I was able to take the convoy to Kenya.

When I was in the secondary 6 year the government of South Sudan passed an order that all South Sudanese students secondary 6 and below should return to South Sudan to study. I was devastated. I thought I will not be able to complete my schooling. But then the order changed and only students below secondary 5 were asked to go back to South Sudan.

I continued in Kenya till I finished schooling. Then I got admission in a university in Malaysia. My brother promised to pay for my education. But some family responsibilities came up and I could not go. I applied for Clinical Officer’s training (at NIHSJ) and started teaching in a school as I waited to hear back.

Suddenly in February I got the news that I was selected into ICMDA’s NIHSJ!

I thank God for this opportunity. I trust in God and I know it has been His plan all along for me to be educated in NIHSJ.”

*A cattle camp is when people take cattle to graze wherever there is pasture. They can be a few days walk away from home in any direction.